Month: January 2019

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How to Prepare for a Reading or Healing

A psychic reading or a Reiki healing session is a very special place in time. In my experience, it is the coming together of our energies, the shared experience of messages and information meant for you, to aid your healing or progress in life. …

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The Stages of Awakening

There are several steps in the “awakening process” generally. Deepak has identified 5. I work with 3. Others have more, or less, depending upon their experience and observation. The three stages of awakening that I have observed are: 1. Trauma 2. Seeking and 3. Being. We also wander back and …


Phase 1: Trauma

From my study and observations in life, there are two general paths to enlightenment: Joy and Trauma. I ‘ve yet to meet anyone who skipped down the Joy path. I’m sure they exist, but I’m also sure they don’t need me to help them. They’re probably not hanging out in bars either. …

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Phase 2: Seeking

I’m sure you will recognise a lot that I write here. Afterall, if you were not seeking, you would not have found this page, or any of my work. The seeking phase commences at different times for all of us and will often have different intensities. Occasionally, when things get a bit too “mind blowing” we tend to back off a bit. Which is normal, and healthy. If you find yourself in the seeking phase, you probably:

The Being Phase - Unalome Enlightenment Symbol

Phase 3: Being

The Being Phase It has occurred to me, that it may be important to know what the “Being” phase of your awakening process looks like. Or at least, how I live it, and how I see it in others. Because I am a great observer, I always have been. I notice everything. …

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The Practicalities of Being

One of the things I hear often is, “but I don’t want to be a doormat”. Variations on that – doormat, pushover, boring, poor, alone, tortured, ridiculed etc. All perfectly valid concerns, for anyone who is considering abandoning the false reality of the world as we have been taught it. I …

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What Is My Purpose In Life?

Ever wondered “What is my purpose in life?” What if I were to tell you, that your “purpose” has nothing to do with you? Sit with your reaction for a moment and see how that feels for you.
If your response was “of course it doesn’t….doofus….who would ever think that”….then you’re probably quite a long way along your path, and already comfortable with the concept of surrender, and probably do so on a daily basis. You know your ego voice….and its effects.