June 2019


Why Me?

But why did he do that? Why did this happen to me? Why did they say that? Why, why, why? I would say 80% of my conversations with people start with a “why?”. Can I answer it? 90% of the time, yes. Do you want to hear it? Nope. Is it helpful? Nope. And there is one very basic reason for that. The “why”

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start where you are

Where Do I Start? What Do I Do?

Many, many people seem to stumble around how to start. Where to start. What to do now? I also see some people who are “waiting for the right time”. Let me just address this quickly, and finally. This is the right time. Start where you are. Start now. Start with what you have. The best thing about a personal practice – is that it’s free, and accessible at any time, in any place, by anyone. Marvellous!

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