About me

     As I’m preparing to enter my fifth decade (yikes!), I’m becoming more and more drawn to working full time in the energy healing arena. I have been practicing part-time for 30 years and now I’m acknowledging and responding to the “call” to make this Work my only focus in life. This year the pull has been particularly strong and as I live all that I teach, I must follow that guidance. If you’ve ever attempted to reject or delay a “call”, well, you’ll know how that turns out.

   While I was certainly born with a “gift” for energy healing, I’ve also worked to enhance that gift. Both formally and informally. I have worked as a Reiki Practitioner, a Meditation Teacher and a Psychic for many years. My clients during this time, have provided much valued feedback with regard to my work and now it has benefited their lives. I’m grateful for these oportunities and for this feedback. I know that I, like eveyone else am simply here to serve and be the conduit for whichever message or healing ray you may need at the time. I am simply the faucet – not the water. If you find me, it’s likely that what I say is for you.

During the last 30 years, my journey has been sometimes joyful, sometimes traumatic, and always pure synchronicity. I’ve studied energy healing formally, with Eckhart Tolle, Carolyn Myss, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Rev Patty Lekawa, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsh, Byron Katie to name a few.

 I have read the theory, meditated on the lessons, lived the practice. I’ve also denied it all from time to time – and that has never worked so well or lasted long for me. It’s been a long, bumpy road, but I’m so glad I walked it as I did. I live now, in full alignment (what I call “flow”), peace and appreciation for this human journey. That is my wish for everyone, the acceptance of peace and flow. A joy-based life.

When working with me, you can expect a pragmatic approach – Afterall, the last 30 years also include qualification’s in Law, Finance, an MBA and currently, a Diploma in Adult Education. I’ve worked, suffered and thrived in the corporate environment, in several countries around the world. I get “life” in a practical way. This is another reason I have not been a full-time light worker until now – I wanted significant and substantial knowledge and experience under my belt before I pursued this formal path.
I’ve also packed my life into a suitcase and followed a “call” to other, scary, parts of the world twice now – and in hindsight – whilst it may have been traumatic at the time, it was also the most valuable growth available to me on my path. I get “trauma” and “growth”, in a real way. If you’d like to talk about “Ego Stripping” – I’m all over that. Also…I’ll be doing that “life in a suitcase” thing again shortly…

I do live by, and teach the ways of A Course In Miracles. That is, I see God/Source in my actions, my world, and my thoughts. I have taken a practical approach to understanding thoughts, consequences and very real-life presentations of love. I understand that not everyone follows this path, or likes to use Christian terminology when talking, for this reason, one of the first questions I’ll ask you, is about your preferred language. There are many other names for God; The Source, Chi, Christ, Buddha, My Higher Self….whichever you are comfortable with, is the language that we will use. I was born, christened and raised as a Catholic, and share Carolyn Myss’ appreciation for all religious icons, ways, and teachings. Whilst I do attend church services, the denomination is not important to me and I do not follow any formal dogma. I go for the energy in the room, the shared meditation of the group, and the appreciation of a God source throughout the ages.

I offer genuine psychic insight, energy healing, support, empathy, honesty, kindness, practical feedback. When working with you, I will be channeling both your higher self and mine. Some may call this “spirit guides”, “Angels” etc – the terminology can be different for each, however the source, and the messages for you, do not change. Whilst I do not label myself as a Medium, loved ones that have passed on do also participate from time to time, with any relevant messages for you.
One thing I will never do is give you a fairy tale or tell you I can help you when I can’t. I won’t provide false hope or misguided support. I don’t do “spells”, or anything that manipulates. Not everyone appreciates honesty, no matter how gently it’s offered, so please do be aware, that I will not engage in any behavior that I feel may be damaging towards you, or anyone else. If I feel that I am unable to read for you or assist you in a meaningful way, I will let you know clearly, kindly and quickly.