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Phase 3: Being

It has occurred to me, that it may be important to know what the “Being” phase of your awakening process looks like.  Or at least, how I live it, and how I see it in others.  Because I am a great observer, I always have been.  I notice everything.  In short, it’s peace.  Some of the changes that I have noted include; abundance mindset, peace, joy, acceptance, love, flow.  I sum up the whole, as “flow”.

Abundance mindset.  I have all that I need.  More in fact.  From a “reality” perspective, I have more money than I need, or ever thought I would have.  This provides me with the peace of never worrying about money and to move around the world freely, in response to the “pull” that I feel, and where I am going to most effectively “be”.  I have plenty of other material stuff too….I just don’t particularly care so much about it these days.  Being of service, does NOT mean you’ll be poor and suffering in a slum somewhere.  It simply does not.  Look at Oprah!  Deepak, Eckhart, to name a few.

Peace.  I often hear others say things like “My needs are not being met”, “he is/she is/you’re not meeting my needs”.  It took me a little while to realise why I found those statements so odd.  Then it hit me.  I have no needs.  Not one.  It follows that I don’t have those expectations of other people.  I simply accept and enjoy them in all their, often dysfunctional, glory.  I revel in them.  As such I experience peace, for the majority of my being.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an enlightened being, or a guru, I would never label myself as such.  But given how much stress I used to give myself, and I’m very clear that it was me, not them, this is a blessing to me, and one that I wish for all people.  I’m human, I still have my moments, but they’re moments these days.  Not days.  Not weeks.  Not months.

I have no questions either.  Whilst I am available to answer the many questions of the people I serve, and I fully understand the questioning and the need for answers, I have none of my own.  My seeking phase is in the past.  Because I am completely surrendered, and completely confident that everything in my life is as it should be.  One big sign, that you are moving from “Seeking” to “Being” – is that you have no further questions.  Learning, yes.  Questions, no.

Joy.  It’s my barometer in life now.  If I’m making a decision, despite my complete surrender, I still do that, I’m still a human being, I am guided by joy or lack thereof.  That’s how I know I’m on the right track.  Joy appears often, daily, and in odd little spots.  I make a practice of not only noticing it but revelling in it.  This is also, my wish for you and all people.

Acceptance.  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am exactly where I need to be, and that my only “job” in life, is to ensure my vibration is at its most healing level, and then go as and where I’m needed to share that light.  I have no other job.  No other role.  No other needs or wants.  Sometimes I don’t realise, until afterward, that the delay I just experienced, or the random conversation with a stranger was exactly what and where I was needed, until I’m in meditation later.  It has happened so often now, and is always so right, that I never need to question these things.  Even the unpleasant ones.  Because all is ok, and everything is as it should be.  I don’t actually want to live in my current house/town.  I know that I won’t live here forever.  But I also know – that this is the right place for me at this time.  There is work to do here.  And I am completely OK with this.

Love.  Many people seek the “special relationship”, and in doing so, completely miss the joy and loving around them on a daily basis.  ACIM states, our task with love, is to seek, but not find.  In my experience, it was only after the point of absolute surrender, acceptance and flow, that the love I hoped for arrived.  Not in the package my ego thought it would.  Not in a traditional sense.  But if this is love – I’ll take it.  I’ll take 100 of them every day thank you very much.    Love, the seeking, and the social expectations of how it “should be”…..can cause us more harm than anything else on this planet.

It’s no secret, that our greatest love is ourselves.  There is only one of us here anyway, when we love ourselves we are loving all of humanity.  If we seek to fill a void that we feel through another person or thing, then we really do set ourselves up for failure.  Sometimes, we do it over and over again, and still wonder why the external seeking is not working for us.  This is a difficult lesson for most of us.  It is through the need to label a relationship as “special”, or “filling our need” that we actually confirm our separation from ourselves, God and all other people on the planet.  It seems to be backward, that this is so, however it often forms the basis and confirmation of separation, and separation, is what keeps us in the trauma or seeking phase of the process.  There is nothing wrong with a “holy relationship”, in fact its another experience in life that I would wish for all people, but it is quite different from the “special relationship”.  This alone, can take some serious Brain retraining and ego taming.

Flow.  The bottom line, the end game, the outcome we seek………is flow.  Peace is a given, the miracle of manifesting whatever is needed to meet your call, the complete alignment with knowing, insight and action to create a truly meaningful and engaging life.  It took a long time, I fought it for a long time, I was my own worst enemy.  As Marianne Williamson has said – no one ever hurt me, as much as I hurt myself.  But now that I’m here……’s the only objective for this life, and it’s one that I wish for you as well.

Humanity.  I’m human. It’s not all sunshine and roses.  I still do dishes, go to the grocery store, get annoyed by silly human things.  I still experience anger, frustration, and stress.  I experience attraction, repulsion, hurt feelings etc.  But these days, I relish those emotions, rather than trying to shut them down, or fearing them, or letting them own my day, week or month.   I still make plans – I have a bunch of very human plans right now around travel and finances.  I had to physically get this web site together, in order to be available as, when and where I’m needed.  Those are practical things I must do, in order to be completely available as, where and when I’m pulled by God’s purpose for me.  Where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom.  That’s it.  All day, every day.  Now that is a “secret” worth sharing.  Someone should write a book about that. 

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