Sr. Mikao Usui all the way to Amanda Medici

How To Choose The Right Reiki Master/ Healer For You

  1. Ask where/how they trained. Specifically, if on line, or in person. Whilst I don’t wish to denigrate any other path, I do know, from my own experience, that on line Reiki training simply does not provide the depth, practice or supervision that in person Reiki Programs do. It is also, not in line with the original teachings of Dr Usui. Distant healing is a thing, Distant teaching/Attunements – (unless already attuned in person) are not. For this reason, please ask how your Reiki Healer trained. You can also ask for their Lineage. Lineage is a “thing” in Reiki – we track the path of the teaching, from the original teachers. My lineage is outlined below.
  1. Ask about their practice, and the types of clients they normally work with, and how they work. Distant healing is a thing – and some are more comfortable with it than others. Some prefer to work with certain illnesses more than others. Find the right person for you.
  2. Watch out for too much “woo”. If there is more focus on crystals, feathers, potions etc – ask some questions. Reiki is pure energy and requires no magic pots or potions.
  3. Trust your gut feeling – when you find the right person for you, you’ll feel calm and have no qualms about proceeding with healing. That is your primary sign, and I wish it for each and every one of you.
  4. If local to you, ask to attend their local Reiki Share group – to see how you like it, and what their style is. Attendance is normally free (or a small donation) and is a great way to experience Reiki, without a big investment.

What should you be looking for in a Reiki Healer? What questions should you ask to know if your Reiki healer is qualified? What is their educational lineage and how were they trained? Reiki healing is pure energy so if they focus too much on crystals, feathers, or other woo items be wary. #reiki #spirituality #healing