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Psychic Readings via Skype, Chat or Email.

If you have questions about your life, your path, I am able to tap into your guides to ask the key questions that you have. Having this divine guidance then empowers you to make the best decisions for you. 

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*Limited to two questions per email reading


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I am your basic, old school, garden variety, Psychic. I experience both clairaudience and clairsentience in terms of recieving messages for you. My life experience helps me to interpret that information into the most useable information for you. I have all the tools; cards, pendulums, etc. I am able to use them with/for you if you would like, I simply don’t need them to read for you. I will ask you for first names and photo’s to assist in the reading, but that is all that I need.

I do also experience loved ones who have passed in sessions. Occasionally they will appear as themselves, with a specific message for you, but often they will appear as a “guide” for you, to answer questions and provide information for you. I don’t call myself a “medium”, as this a specialized field, however, I am able to assist in this field.

I believe in honesty and gentle truth in readings. If you are asking about an outcome, and the message I receive is not what you would prefer to hear, I will give you that information honestly and gently. I do not ever wish for anyone to live in false hope. It is my duty to you, to provide you with the information that you need to move forward, though it may not be what you want to hear at the time.

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   During our reading, I will be spending our time, connected to both my higher self and yours. Some prefer other terminology, such as “Spirit Guides” etc – and the information that I receive is normally in “your” language.

   We will start the reading with a short prayer, some deep breaths and I will provide you with all messages sent for you. I am also happy to focus on particular areas that you request, and to answer any questions you may have. The reading is all about you, and the opportunity for you to seek higher guidance for your life path.

   You will be asked to provide a photo, of yourself and anyone you wish to ask about – and this is so that during my mediation prior to our conversation, I am able to focus in the areas that you wish to discuss. Otherwise, spirit can be a bit “waffly” in terms of spending time with you – when what you would like, are the details. I would request that you don’t book readings more than once every 6 months, as any more than this can be detrimental to your progress. If you are on your own path, and would like to speak more regularly, the Spiritual Counselling offer may be more appropriate for you.

   I am able to use Tarot cards, pendulums etc if you would like me too. However, for my own purposes, they are not required. I work as a psychic or channel – and so the tools are optional only. The messages I receive are as if spoken by your guides. Please know, that I do not claim to be “100% accurate”, as there is free will in every life, and small decisions can change outcomes in substantial ways. The information that I provide is there to empower you, to make those decisions be the best for your particular situation. It is always my intention, to leave you in a better place than I found you, and to fully support your journey.

    Also bear in mind, when asking about other people, that they have a right to privacy and their own thoughts. I am very aware of this and will not be a party to invasive or inappropriate questions regarding the thoughts or actions of others.

   Whilst I can provide indications around life outcomes, I do not provide legal or medical advice during psychic readings.

   When confirming your reading you will be asked to send or upload a photo of yourself and anyone you may ask about, as a way of preparing for our conversation and making sure that you recieve the most benefit from this reading.

   Your reading will be focused upon two parts;  First the messages that have come to me during my meditation before I call (this is why I ask for your photo, it helps to focus the meditation), along with any specific details found. 
    Secondly, I will answer any questions you may bring with you to the reading.  You are welcome to send your questions to me, along with your photo, if you would like to.

   Your wellbeing is my primary concern, therefore I will always be completely honest with you - whatever message I receive, I will relay to you exactly as I receive it. For this reason, the more specific your question is, the more specific the answer will be in most cases.

   Please also, try to be calm and centred when you call - this helps me tap into your energy more easily. The messages are clearer - so please, take 3 deep breaths before you call and be clear about your questions.

   I do not read on timing. I don't believe anyone can answer that question accurately, as there are so many variables involved.

   The messages I relay to you are to empower you to make the best decisions possible for you. This means they may not always be what you WANT to hear. They may be what you NEED to hear. I'm a compassionate, empathic person, and I understand that most people who call, are doing so because they are upset or afraid - so I will provide your message as kindly as I possibly can. But I will not lie to you. For any reason.

Sometimes I will receive a message for you after the call has finished, in these cases I will email that information through to you.

I also understand that sometimes you need to hear the message several times - this is perfectly understandable. I'm happy to have those conversations with you - I think we've all been there!

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five golden stars
"Epic reading! Amanda helped me to get past a bit of resistance and baggage to my own truth and in a gentle way. I feel like I can trust her with my deep thoughts and feelings. She doesn't get defensive even when I don't see something the exact same way. She offers a nice balance between structure and competency, between responsiveness and flow. I highly recommend her if your goal is really to heal and become increasingly in alignment with your own heart."

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