Psychic Readings

I am a practicing Psychic, with over 30 years in practice, and tens of thousands of clients and readings performed. Those who seek a psychic reading, versus a Medium reading, are generally seeking guidance and clarity from spirit, on issues that are important to them at the time, such as love, relationships, career, finance etc. I am able to provide direct responses from spirit, with answers that will allow you to make the best decisions for your life.

Accurate readings

I am your basic, old school, garden variety, Psychic. I experience both clairaudience and clairsentience in terms of recieving messages for you. My life experience helps me to interpret that information into the most useable information for you. I have all the tools; cards, pendulums, etc. I am able to use them with/for you if you would like, I simply don’t need them to read for you. I will ask you for first names and photo’s to assist in the reading, but that is all that I need.

I believe in honesty and gentle truth in readings. If you are asking about an outcome, and the message I receive is not what you would prefer to hear, I will give you that information honestly and gently. I do not ever wish for anyone to live in false hope. It is my duty to you, to provide you with the information that you need to move forward, though it may not be what you want to hear at the time.

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