Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is for those of us who are on “the Path” and needing some support and validation along the way. During our sessions, we will be discussing you. Your actions, your observations, your study, your mediations, your blocks, your next steps. I will challenge you; I will set some homework for you – if that is how you prefer to work. It is all about you, how and where you see God/Source in your life, and how this is moving forward for you. These sessions do NOT include Psychic Readings, as they are two very different services.

Why do we need spiritual guidance?

Spiritual Counselling helps you to remove that which is in the way of the truth of who you are already and what you already know even if your conscious mind has forgotten it. We are one, we are love and we are light. The separation from source is the black hole you’re attempting to fill.

In the end, it’s true that we have the ultimate teacher guide within us, our own Souls, and around us, the whole Universe, but sometimes we don’t even remember how it’s like to feel love, or where to start, or sometimes even how to go on after stumbling through darkness and fear for so long.
That’s when spiritual counselling becomes a must and thankfully there are many Helpers and Guides there for you when you decide to take a leap of faith. Just follow the signs and trust ♡

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