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The Stages of Awakening

There are several steps in the “Awakening process” generally.  Deepak Chopra has identified 5.  I work with 3.  Others have more, or less, depending upon their experience and observation.  The three stages of Awakening that I have observed are:
1.  Trauma  2.  Seeking and  3.  Being.
We also wander back and forth, and completely off the track from time to time.  There is no set curriculum.  Each path is individual, but one thing I do know for sure –  all roads lead to Rome.


Many who are “on the path” have always “known” that there is more, other, deeper elements to life. We may even have wished for enlightenment, truth, authenticity….but one thing I have found to be true, is that “knowingness” at a deep level. Each path is unique, however all roads leads to Rome.


Our seeking stages can be long, inconsistent and frankly, exhausting. We find ourselves questioning everything, challenging ourlselves, isolating, meditating, healing, trying new things, losing old friends and at the base of it – unlearning all of our social conditioning, whilst coming back to our truth.


This is the end point. At this stage, the seeking reduces significantly, though you will always be a learner. You emerge as a lighter, brighter being that is in touch with your inner truth, and a pull to be and serve in your most effective way. There is peace here. There is love here. There is gratitude, wonder and alignment. This is the ulitmate space of Flow..

  The path is not an easy one (unless you’re one of the minority who take the “joy path” – in which case – please tell me how that is done).   There are many curriculums, many lessons, many awakenings, many denials, many angry outbursts, quite a bit of depression and a LOT of questioning.  Having said that – there are also pathways that are tried and true, such as ACIM and The WorkI’ll be happy to share those with you.