steps to enlightenment - love

Step One. LOVE.

LOVE. First response from most people is “I’m trying to, but do you KNOW how HARD relationships are these days?”. Yes, I do. I’m not talking about THAT love. I’m talking about LOVE love. LOVE in it’s purest, soggiest, rosiest form. Unconditional LOVE, free from fear, judgement, social conditioning and need. LOVE for and of all things, regardless of form or substance. LOVE for people, after all, there is only one of us here. LOVE for all people is a healthy form of self-LOVE. LOVE for all things, including creatures, tree’s, planet…..LOVE for love’s sake and nothing else.

Does this exclude Romantic love? It excludes the “special relationship”, that is designed to separate and elevate yes. It is, however, the basis of the “Holy Relationship” – which is unconditional, free of judgement and need and is based upon compassion and acceptance. LOVE love, heals the separation, which is the basis of our fear and need. What is the Separation you ask? There is a blog post on it right here…………………………….Also, a “special relationship” can be transformed to a “Holy Relationship”.

What prevents us from experiencing this all-encompassing LOVE? When it is so freely available to all. The separation basically. Social conditioning has a lot to do with that. Fear, anger, neediness. The need to control outcomes, which is simply fear in another guise. Anxiety, fear based. Depression, fear based. Cultural pressure, fears around conformity. The fear of being alone – the ultimate form of self doubt.

So how/where do I find this “LOVE” you speak of. It takes some effort. Essentially though, it’s right where it always was, right inside you. We just need to chisel away at those fears and conditions, and find our way back to that place.

The “shift” in perception you need, is a move from fear, to LOVE. Seems simple really. It’s not. Not in my experience. It’s SO much easier to hate than LOVE. SO much easier to fear than LOVE. So much easier to demand that love only comes with a diamond ring and a “facebook official” commitment. Much easier.

A “Miracle”, is defined as “a shift in perspective, from fear to LOVE”. Again, sounds simple. A Course in Miracles (ACIM) provides the foundational text in this area, including a “curriculum” of 365 lessons. One per day, that you can use to manifest this shift in perception. Key here, 365 lessons. That’s ONE YEAR. It’s an actual practice that requires your involvement and your committment.

We are all born in this state of LOVE. We simply “forget it” as we grow, and as our peer groups influence our thoughts. A great character that I have always believed personified this approach was Miss Melly, in Gone with the Wind. A complete lack of judgement, a refusal to think badly of anyone around her (including Scarlet, who intended to steal her husband) and a life that was very much, grounded in LOVING kindness. Some thought her naïve, but there is no doubt, that her life was an example of LOVE. Had her husband, Ashley, left her for Scarlet, she would have been no doubt devastated, but she also would have continued in a state of LOVING kindness. For her relationship with Ashley, was a holy relationship, not a “special” relationship. Scarlett on the other hand, little Miss Needy…could never quite get that “special relationship” she so craved, to come together.

Living in an all embracing state of LOVE takes time, commitment, some study, a lot of self reflection, and even some isolation at times. It’s a shedding, of our learned responses. A testing of our LOVING responses. Often it includes rejection of the way, return to old patterns etc. It’s a journey.

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Love, Surrender, Be. Step oneL Love