steps to enlightenment - love

Step One. LOVE.

LOVE. First response from most people is “I’m trying to, but do you KNOW how HARD relationships are these days?”. Yes, I do. I’m not talking about THAT love. I’m talking about LOVE love. LOVE in it’s purest, soggiest, rosiest form. Unconditional LOVE, free from fear, judgement, social conditioning and need. LOVE for and of all things, regardless of…

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steps to enlightenment - surrender

Step Two. Surrender

Surrendering is hard. Really, really hard. I don’t know of many people who just up and decided to surrender, without some kind of traumatic even preceding it. In fact, I don’t know of any. I’m sure they’re out there….somewhere.

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steps to enlightenment -be

Step three. Be.

This is, by far, the best part. You’ve done all the hard work around changing your perceptions via study and practice. Where you used to see fear and lack, you now see LOVE and peace. You’ve thrown your hands in the air and surrendered. You’ve lost some friends, a few people have declared you crazy, you feel better than you ever have in your life.

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music food for love play on

If Music be the food of love….play on!

Shakespeare seems to have been a pretty wise person. Or persons. Or character, depending upon what you read, by whom, and their own theories on him. We will never really know, other than some of his quotes, story lines, theories etc that have been so “true” that they have survived centuries…and speak to us today, as they did when he wrote them, all those years ago. Music being the food of love, is one of them.

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deepak chopra seduction of spirit

It all Boils Down to this

I have recently had the very great privilege of spending a week, locked in a dark room in Hawaii, with Deepak Chopra. Along with 472 others, of course, at one of the Chopra Centre’s “Seduction of the Spirit” retreats. To say that it was a life changing experience may be a mild understatement. Particularly given that I would not say I’m a huge Chopra fan. Or at least, I wasn’t before I went. I am now. I’m quite the disciple these days.

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where would you have me go, whayt would you have me say and to whom


Surrender. It’s the keyword for anyone on a path to enlightenment, ascension or peace. Surrender. Simple word. According to Merriam-Webster – the definition of “surrender” includes “to yield to the power, control or possesion of another upon compulsion or demand”. Perhaps that is where the issue with the word comes from, it implies that you lost. That you were overcome.

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Why Me?

But why did he do that? Why did this happen to me? Why did they say that? Why, why, why? I would say 80% of my conversations with people start with a “why?”. Can I answer it? 90% of the time, yes. Do you want to hear it? Nope. Is it helpful? Nope. And there is one very basic reason for that. The “why”

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start where you are

Where Do I Start? What Do I Do?

Many, many people seem to stumble around how to start. Where to start. What to do now? I also see some people who are “waiting for the right time”. Let me just address this quickly, and finally. This is the right time. Start where you are. Start now. Start with what you have. The best thing about a personal practice – is that it’s free, and accessible at any time, in any place, by anyone. Marvellous!

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Phase 1: Trauma

From my study and observations in life, there are two general paths to enlightenment: Joy and Trauma. I ‘ve yet to meet anyone who skipped down the Joy path. I’m sure they exist, but I’m also sure they don’t need me to help them. They’re probably not hanging out in bars either. …

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