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What does a Reiki workshop involve

Reiki is for anyone and everyone who wish to work with it. As a healing ray, it is available to all, and can be for personal use, or to heal others. As a personal use tool, you are able to use reiki upon yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, whenever and where ever you like, for the rest of your life.

Reiki can help with minor aches and pains, menstrual pain, insomnia, cold and flu, and of course – pain of the self inflicted variety – like a hangover ?. You can also use Reiki for mental, emotional and spiritual healing and calming. For those who experience depression and/or anxiety – reiki is a particularly calming and healing modality, that will literally be at your fingertips, when, and where ever you may need it.

With your Reiki I level atunement, you will be able to heal yourself, your family, your friends, your pets and anyone you choose, as often as you like. For some, Reiki I and self healing, is as far as their Reiki Study goes, and that is perfectly fine. Once attuned, Reiki will always be with you. You may decide, 20 years down the track, to go to the next level, and that door will always be open to you.

Reiki one is also great for pet/animal healing. Pets that are smaller, respond very well to shorter bursts of Reiki energy. I have two geriatric pets now, who receive a small level of reiki every day, and thrive in it’s presence. For larger animals, like horses and cows, you may find they need “more” reiki than a human sized person, but will be just as receptive to the healing elements.

You must complete Reiki I, before moving to Reiki II. With Reiki II, we move to the next level and incorporate Distant Healing. These symbols, tools and attunements allow you to provide healing to people in any location, provided you have their permission to do so. With the use of symbols, proxy’s and our healing intent, Reiki can be sent anywhere in the world, or right next door.

We also learn how to charge Crystals with Reiki – which can be a powerful “oompf” to your healing for yourself and/or others. The use of a “reiki shelf”, using proxy’s can maintain the healing for days at a time, whilst you go about your business.

Both Reiki I and II include basic meditation and breathing techniques, to enhance the healing experience.

You must complete Reiki I and II before moving to Master training. When we get to Reiki Master, we move to the level of “mastery”, and being able to provide the gift of Reiki Attunements to others, on their healing path. You may decide to practice professionally, as a healer, and to become a guide for others on their healing pathway. Either way, at “Master” level, you have achieved an optimum level on your Reiki pathway.

The two day training includes Master Attunements, “psychic surgery”, and shows how to attune others, and on day two – how to establish your own practice, how to teach and plenty of time to ask questions, practice your healing, and allow your attunement to “settle”.

It is recommended that you leave a minimum of 3, and preferably 6, months between Reiki II and Master level Reiki. In this time, I would encourage you to practice where ever you possibly can.

Beyond this level, for those who want to make Reiki into a formal practice, I do offer an Apprenticeship program. I only offer 2 per year. As an apprentice, you will attend your first set of reiki training as student. Beyond that, you will attend at least one more complete set, with me, as an “apprentice” or assistant, in order to allow you to become comfortable with the process, from a Teacher perspective. I will also spend time with you, assisting you to establish and build your own Reiki Healing Community.