all of God's children are special and none of God's children are special

What Is My Purpose In Life?

Did you ever wonder “What is my purpose in life?” What if I were to tell you, that your “purpose” has nothing to do with you? Sit with your reaction for a moment and see how that feels for you.
If your response was “of course it doesn’t….doofus….who would ever think that”….then you’re probably quite a long way along your path, and already comfortable with the concept of surrender, and probably do so on a daily basis. You know your ego voice….and its effects.

If your response was along the lines of “of course it’s about me, I’ve been called, I need to do STUFF, important stuff! Quickly!” – then we probably need to talk. Of course, you need to do stuff. We all do. But it’s not about you……and the biggest block you’re experiencing right now is ego based.

Ego, that word again. Never to be confused with Personality, two different and important things. In the first example of a response, the ego has been tamed, if not denied. God/source is shining through that response and the soul involved is ready, willing and able to serve at their highest level.

In the second case – that was the Ego talking. In case you didn’t recognize it – there’s your block, your fear, your need to be “special” which is the basis of separation from your spirit, and actually being effective in your purpose. Do you have a purpose? Absolutely. It’s the same one for all of us. Help your fellow man. Be the source of light, peace, and love. The difference between those who simply ARE their purpose, and those who are still insisting on “manifesting” it……is that ego voice, and the separation and fear it heralds.

I don’t say this with any judgment, there is nothing “wrong” here, the very fact that you are answering this call, and wanting to “be” is an enormous leap in and of itself. Welcome – welcome to the “other side”, where love is the basis of our lives and we bring forth that love to each and every person we see. But if you’re wondering why you feel blocked, why things are not coming together for you as you would like them to, why you doubt on any level…..there are clear and practical answers to those questions.

The path is, at the same time, both really, really simple, and really, really complex. It IS so simple that literally, anyone could do it. So why don’t they/we? Because of both our ego and our social conditioning. Our expectations and understandings, formed from birth, need a bit of a rejig. It’s hard to let go of them. It takes work and willingness. Here comes another uncomfortable word. It takes SURRENDER. Yes, it does – and the ego will fight that hammer and tong, tooth and nail until your knee’s hit the floor and there is no other choice left open to you. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? We, humans, are stubborn………there is another way – the Joy path to surrender, but generally the people who choose that path are not reading my words or looking to me for help….They could definitely teach me a thing or two.

Sit with this concept for a little while. If you’d like some help on your path, that’s what I’m here to do. It won’t be easy, but it will never be boring, and please let me assure, from someone who is now enjoying the end point of this path. It’s worth it. So worth it. On every level, and in a way that no Ego based behavior could ever meet. (My now tiny ego voice inside just died a little more….).

What is my purpose in life?