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Why People Don’t Heal and Therapy Doesn’t Work

There are many excuses people give for not healing, but it all boils down to one basic thing. They get “stuck” at an emotional point, and the focus on this area, manifests as illness. Sometimes it’s immediate, other times it takes years, but it all comes down to an energetic block. Our Chakras are the key points of “processing” our energy and emotion and can be a key tool in healing our blocks.

One of the first books I ever read, and one I keep going back to, is Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss. She has written much on this topic area, and it took quite a while for it to “sink in” for me. That our thoughts and emotions play such a huge role in our physical wellness, is a foreign concept in most western countries. Of course, Eastern Medicine and Indigenous Healers and Sharman’s, have known this for centuries. We’re just a bit behind the time.

Or are we? There are many sayings out there. For example, “His liver is up”….means that person is angry. The liver, being the seat of anger, and the place where prolonged anger tends to manifest in illness. That old saying, shows how an “old wives tale” was actually spot on, in terms of how our thoughts an emotions, show up on a physical level.

It then makes sense, that a healing modality like Reiki, that is focused upon the spirit, is so effective in treating our fractured selves, in what is becoming an ever busier, and stressful environment.

Further to this concept, is that of Memory. How actions from childhood can “stick with us”, how even recent events can go around and around in our minds and colour our thoughts and mood. Memory is a funny old thing. We think it’s a brain function – because it “looks” like a thought. The thing is though – memory does not live in the brain. You can talk about it all you like, you won’t find it, or fix it there. I have not just made this up – Deepak Chopra has actually written two books on this subject and has a team of neuroscientists on a pretty relentless hunt to identify the exact location of the memory, from a human medical perspective. One thing we already know – it’s not in the brain.

He, and I, doubt that it will be found in the body. In a physical location. That’s because memory is emotional/spiritual. Take a moment and think of the smell of freshy cut grass. Or fresh rainfall. Or the feeling of being warm in your bed on a cold night. Is that a thought? Or a feeling? No think back to a hurtful point in your past – someone close to you has said something hurtful, with an intention of hurting you. You can feel that right now, can’t you? That’s an emotion, a feeling, and it’s also a “hook”, the type that can stick with you for life, and lead to illness, if not addressed.

Additionally, there is evidence, that our DNA holds “memories”….in the form of emotion. In fact, it’s said that our DNA holds onto them for up to 7 generations. That’s an interesting thought, for me, 7 generations ago we were Irish Peasants….famine times. May explain my love/hate relationship with anything potato based.

For this reason, the care of our spiritual and emotional selves becomes so fundamental to our wellbeing as a whole, and why Reiki as a healing modality becomes the missing link for so many people. This gentle, healing, loving ray of light that we share amongst us, is the glue that pulls together our spirit, clears all those frazzled edges, and allows us to experience the “base point” of ourselves, which is peace and LOVE. Reiki is a long held tradition, and I consider it a great privilege to be able to offer it to those who wish to experience it for themselves.